‘Twixt turnings of the glass

My Love, ‘tis time that fails us! ‘Tis time that lies
And measures all with ne’er a thought for beauty,
Truth and all that springs from love and duty,
Honor, hope and all that’s seen through honest eyes.

‘Tis time that marks not greetings but good-byes;
Blind to kindness, lame, yet resolutely
Hails the loss and pain of temporal beauty,
Accumulated whilst some friend or lover dies.

O Love, ‘tis life and lives Life celebrates.
‘Twixt turnings of the glass, our brazen dance
And all that parts us from the brindled Fates,
Shouts, Glory! Ever Glory! Life’s advance.

    ‘Tis time that fails! Whilst Life, unshackled, sings
    Along its giddy path whence Freedom rings.


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