Postulate: Ideal Org — A poem.

Whatever else this Earth has been
Wherefrom we step, torchlights streaming
Into the dark and storm of night

We are Cause
We are Decision
We are Scientologists

We are Creators, Builders, Keepers
Of Ideal Orgs—Sanctuaries of Hope
And Light and Beauty
Wisdom and Prophecy

As order goes in
Order becomes the way

Ideal Orgs abound and with them
The ringing of the Bells of Freedom
Mark the passings of the night
Calling in the dawn and each new day
Of this New and Golden Age

Advancing futures
Cleared beings
Groups, cities
States, continents 
And hemispheres

This Earth—

Wherefrom we welcome
All shoulders to the wheel
New strength with ours
Pan-determined, undeterred

And so the wheel turns
And with the wheel the universe turns
And the universe bends its knee

Eight shining cords
Eight streaming cords of livingness
Aligning to one common purpose

For we are Cause
We are Decision
We are Scientologists

And this—Whatever else this Earth has been
Whatever else this Earth will be—


  • Ideal Org: Ideal is something considered to be perfect or most suitable. Org is short for organization and is the word used in Scientology for its churches. Thus an Ideal Org is one that embodies the applied religious philosophy of Scientology.



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