One Thought Poem

If I had one thought to think for all eternity to the exclusion of all others, faithful to that single thought forever, bound as one, fixed, unflinching, what could it be?

Not an arithmetic one. One and one though two in many wise is yet five parts. Perhaps not. And ONE as single thought would be cold comfort in any prison of significance. I would be as stone, unknowing in a universe of single thought rubble, believing to know. My voyage along this Via del Trutha would find me lost, without hope and alone.

Not a thought like green or empty either. Green is only green for me whilst blue and gold are possibilities. And green through orange lenses where the sky glows pink behind the haze, this is truly living green. Too many thoughts.

And red jeans through selfsame lenses are blood orange and glide as they cruise along the sunlit grey brick wall. Grey never changes. And she was alive enough for any thought. Enough for all eternities. Too many for this game.

Pi perhaps? Not pi’s approximation. The excellence, the finity of pi’s expression. Thin elegance for such interminable boredom. Not pi. Not rho, sigma, tau either. And omega would be sheer terror. Besides, omega is a two-thoughter, at least.

Omitting the nameless thought that remains on the tips of tongues, or stands outside of doors, cruelly absent when you enter a room. Not them. I don’t know why.

A beacon then. Perhaps hello.
Hello!Hello! hello HELLO hellohellohello H’lo! Hello. Yes.

I choose


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