Light of Their Dreams

For men who set sail and steer ships by the stars
There is no truer when than now.
Today is the sum of the whens of Man
That by agreements Man allows.
Choice is the wheel turned hard or held fast
Upon seasSudden perilous seas!
Whilst men with their gods steer their ships through the night
By the stars and the light of their dreams.


9 Replies to “Light of Their Dreams”

  1. From Jade, June 2020, “i love this. you have a good way of boiling down a feeling.”

  2. So amazingly beautiful! ”Choice is the wheel turned hard or held fast “ Wow!”

    1. Thank you, Helen. It was fun to write. I must commit it to memory some day. It’s one of those poems that if I am asked for a verse or two will serve well.

  3. Very beautiful

    1. Thanks, B.

  4. That is impressively good! Excellent poem.

    1. Ha! Thank you, R.S.

  5. You are at another level altogether, love this!

    1. Hi SS. Thank you. This poem was fun to write and to wrestle into shape. I’m glad it has found you!

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