It is not that the dead are dead

It is not that the dead are dead, however, having seen the lie in it, we live.

If not for the dying of the dead, I don’t know, you may have missed the death in it. We live.

We are not the dead, that is to say, having seen the lie instead, there it is. We live.

It is not that the dead are not dead nor that the dead are not dying. We live.

We have not died, that is to say, the dead do not know and have not seen the lie that is or is not there. We live.

And having seen and played both sides of it, that is to say the lie of it, we have never died and never will. We live.


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  1. provocative in a rather unique way..

  2. It’s incredibly beautiful.

  3. Scott Iverson says: Reply

    Yes yes yes!!!
    Such a statement as this I feel has never been made before and is a singular achievement.
    A very needed communication for the times in which we are living now.

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