The Curious Cognition of Eddie & The Candlestick

Chess is philosophical in nature
And machine-like in action
And so, a philosophical machine:
A universe, a mind at play;
Each piece, mind-set.

The board itself is at least a piece—
A piece-supporting piece, you see.
Chessboards behave as minds behave.
Pieces behave as minds behave.
And ideas of mind exist—
Like the be’s and the what’s of the candlestick.

And this universe is a mind machine.
Agreed or disagreed—
A universe hangs upon a fabric of still,
Of mind manifest and lightness of will—
All presence sans preference
And essence sans weight.

When Eddie moves the candlestick,
Unlike moving a picture upon a wall,
Eddie moves the room with it
And never moves the still at all.


2 Replies to “The Curious Cognition of Eddie & The Candlestick”

  1. VLBENNETT–“UKRAINIAN VICTORY TO ALL OF UKRAINE!” @vicklbennett, 2022: “Very curious indeed! I’m not really a chess player, though in theory I know how, which incapacity in a funny way, I think, makes me better able to appreciate the statements in your piece than if I were a professional player and too “close” to it to see it this way…”

  2. Marie Marchand @mishiepoet, 2022: “An interesting visual world is conjured for the reader here. Perhaps the board is not only what supports our play, but is awareness itself. Thank you for the journey!”

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