Bonnie’s Day Off

On his way out the door Bonnie kisses Clyde goodbye / and says in her quiet voice, y’know, that voice, / “Hey Honey, pick up some money at the bank / on your way home, will ya?”

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3 Replies to “Bonnie’s Day Off”

  1. Jack P.: Letter of February 2023: “Kevin writes as a rock skips upon water.
    With every miss of the water editing all that doesn’t matter.
    Leaving the details of the whole point.”

  2. @RobertAllenPoet, 2022: “I read some of your poems and enjoyed them- thanks for sharing your site”

  3. V.D. comments, 2022: When I read your poetry I am exuberantly delightfully exorbitantly exchanged with ! Your poetry is a treat supreme.

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