And so it is

May this house serve your strength of purpose,
Be more than just the sum of forms,
Be bright and home for you.
And until you choose to pass your title to another
That they may call this place their home
And so create within a continuity of hope
And from now until that day
This home be imbued with life and beauty.
With life, for life you are decision. Are we agreed? Good.
And beauty, your beauty, which I attest to, will you agree?
Good. I get it.
This is the home of my friends, Scott & Evy,
Arwin, Rhianna & Vanessa, Storm & Thunder
And for all dynamics that from time to time
May find a foothold here: Poets, artists,
Tradesmen, their wives and husbands, spirits of the forest
And of the air itself, the trees and the birds
That inhabit nearby, and the train… O the train…
And all the neighbours: Jim, Dan & Louise, et al.
That’s all. For now.
On behalf of this house, Welcome.
And from this moment onward this house is Home.
All welcome now is yours to give.
And so it is.


2 Replies to “And so it is”

  1. What a beautiful and heart felt poem. I read it first thing this morning before starting work. Thank you for creating it.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It was an honour to create and read this little poem for my friends.

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